Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Being funny versus being serious

Being funny is fun, laughing is cool. But there has to be a serious side. And i think that the serious side has to be more important than the funny side. Something like 60/40 in my personal opnion. It's still important to take things lightly so we can't give too much seriousness in our life but we still have to take things very seriously because pain is a very serious things nomatter in what form it comes. I don't think it can be 50/50. If everything was as serious as it was funny, things would be fucked up. I can't see anything funny in a kid who's dying of hunger and so on. But i can't be mad at things and be serious too much because i couldn't sustain life inside of me. I need things to make sense but i need happyness so i can keep my head up and have the power to walk on. I need strong wind in my face so i know i'm walking in the right direction, things cannot be too pinky either.

Jesus was a very optimistic person, a very joyful guy but at the same time he was very serious about his expression. He could have not hold on to his values while being crucified if he didn't have a strong core boosted with an incredible amount of joy. Most of us would have gave up all of our values just to save our asses from that pain. He knew he would suffered a lot if he kept on being real, he was very aware of what was coming to him. But he was joyful and serious and he believed in a higher purpose so he went on and did his things till his life was crushed. His life may have been crushed but his exemple lives on like many other great being on this planet.

Other great guys like Luther King, Ghandi, Tupac, Malcom X we're very serious but at the same time joyful but best believe they weren't just clowns, there stuff was very solid. So i think we need serious matters a little more than funny matters in our life but still i think that the fun side is a very important side that is not to be neglected. A good comparison would be being awaken versus sleeping, boths are very important, but you need to be awake more than you need to sleep in 24 hours. And if you want to have enough energy to be fully awaken, you need a good night of sleep. So on that last note, good night!

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