Saturday, July 13, 2013

Negative Energy

If I intake a lot of negative energy, I will express negative energy.  I am a reflection of the world.  If you put me in a household full of negative energy, my expression will be negative.  If you put me in a room full of smoke, I will come out smelling like smoke. 

Very few people truly understood 2pac’s expression.  People who do not understand him would label him a “bad” person.  “Fuck the World” “Thug Life” were just a couple of his expressions.  He would compare himself as a “rose that grew from concrete.”  He lived a very hard life; he grew up around a lot of negativity.  He grew up in poverty, in the ghettos, around a lot of violence, murder, drugs, prostitution, etc.  He basically grew up in hell, but yet he found a way to rise above it all.  He harnessed positive energy within while being exposed to a lot of negative energy around him.  Because his positive energy was merged with the negative, his expression was completely real. 

It is impossible to be real without the negative.  All energy that is expressed that is completely positive cannot be real.  There cannot be positive without the negative.  People cannot just be “good” and never “bad.”  They come hand in hand.  We all go through times of struggle.  Those who claim themselves to be Saints are fake individuals.  Even Bruce said himself in an interview, “I am not a saint.”  No saint can possibly be real; every “saint” has a dark side.  It’s like a human being going around claiming that he never takes shits.  It’s impossible, even though nobody in the public will actually see this human taking a shit because he does it in private every time, we know for a fact, that he is lying.  

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