Saturday, July 13, 2013

I'm Not a Martial Artist

I am beyond a Martial Artist; I am somebody that cannot be labeled.  Labeling me a Martial Artist confines me, it restricts me, it limits me.  It does not allow me to grow because I am limited in my expression.  People labeling me as a Martial Artist requires me to meet to their expectations.  Their expectations can be high or it can be low, but it does not matter, the fact of the matter is that once you are forced to live up to the expectations of others you are no longer being yourself.  If you are not being yourself, you are not authentic.  If you are not authentic, you cannot reach your full potential.  People have their own vision of what a Martial Artist should or should not be, this poses many limitations in your expression as a true human being.  I wish to be a true human being, not a Martial Artist. 

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  1. Well that is a great goal. That is what we all should strive to be: a great human being. The Martial Arts is already corrupted so it seems that it is too late to repair it. So let us all represent something new other than Martial Art.


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