Sunday, July 28, 2013


I've noticed that Sifu Lee enjoys a good superhero movie so I wanted to recommend one.
This is perhaps one the best comics of all time, and the movie is as faithful as it can be to the comics. The story contains a lot of philosophical and moral issues. And after you've finished watching this movie you'll realize how all other superhero movies, including X men, stand inferior to this one. I'm talking of course about deep meaning of the story. It is a lot more intellectual.
This is a must see.
I'm looking forward to your feedback. Especially I would like to hear Sifu Lee's opinion.



  1. I remember the first time I watched it. I thought it was okay but I never thought about the philosophical aspect of it. I should watch it one more time and see what is behind it. I guess Rorshack witness the truth but his fellow superheroes did not want him to reveal it... That is why they neutralize him... That is why it is difficult to be real. Once you are real, the big owners will do anything in their power to neutralize you.

  2. Well yes, but that just the tip of the iceberg... There's a lot, lot more going on in watchmen...
    First of all what does it mean to be a superhero? As you can see all of the heroes have character flaws...
    the comedian is too violent and nihilistic, ozymandias narcissistic and controlling, dr manhattan's power robs him of empathy and connection to other people, silk spectre is a kind of a girl in a man's world and her emotions get the best of her, nite owl tries to compensate his insecurities by being a superhero, and rorshack is too obsessive and narrow minded. Basically Alan Moore tried to depict supeheroes with real human emotions and actions, not like the knight in the shining armour cliche... The main question is would you compromise? Because in real life sometimes there is no good or evil, just a choice. You said you've seen the movie so let me ask you: is it justified to kill millions in order to save billions? It's not an easy answer..


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