Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hidden Power

A woman is only powerful when her power is hidden.  If she exposes this power with arrogance, she will be crushed by the powerful man.  All Martial Art “styles” that are Yin based must remember this.  If a woman learns to yield, she can overcome the powerful.  If she attempts to fight head on, she will eventually be crushed.  It is the law of nature. 

In order for the man to truly become all powerful, he must learn to perfect this hidden power of women.  In order for the woman to truly become all powerful, she must learn to perfect the power of man.

There is outside power and there is inside power.  Men naturally have outside power, women naturally have inside power, both must merge together to create true power. 

This is not just in regards to Man and Women.  It is the understanding between Yin/Yang.  The men who appear to be weak, skinny, and small can actually represent the “woman”.  


  1. Replies
    1. Lol. Anonymous that's not the kind of power he was talking about. Read carefully before making a comment like that.

    2. Kang, there was a guy who commented on here before me, who's identity was Anonymous, who was being a jerk and wrote that people who want to get power should practice MMA

  2. That's so true. In order to be really powerful, the outside and the inside need to be perfected. Some people would say the inside power is the most important but I learn to see differently. For instance, let us take the and the spirit. The body needs to be taken care of in order to express the spirit. They both need to be in harmony. The spirit cannot be existent without a strong body. The reason I do not mention the mind is because the spirit needs to clean the mind from its extreme ego. Body, mind, and the spirit fully developed make a powerful human being.


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