Monday, July 22, 2013

Changing the World

Tupac was asked, “where do you see yourself 20 years from now?”  Tupac said that if God allows him to breath for another 20 years he feels he will change the world or that the world will change him because his thought patterns are so opposite of society. 

I feel exactly the same way.  The way I see the world is very different than the society norm.  I see that I can change the world in a more subtle way.  Not a drastic change like Tupac and Bruce Lee.  When you try to make a drastic change, they silence you.  MLK Jr., Malcom X, John Lennon, 2pac, Bruce, Socrates, Gandhi, etc. 

When you work silently behind the scenes you are enabled to live longer and influence a greater change over time.  Lao tzu, Buddha, Osho, etc.  When too many people know you, your life is at risk.  You cannot say what you want to say because you don’t know who will come after you.  When you are not known by many, you can be honest and people will leave you alone.  History has shown that if you speak too loud, they will find a way to silence you.  

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  1. That is true. Anyone who tries to change the world for the greater good are shut up by the people in power. The people in power are not interested in waking people up because they want more for themselves like George Carlin said. Anyone who step in to wake the population up will be silenced. That is why subtlety is important when it comes to changing the world.


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