Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Can Live Longer & Healthier?

I see that the competition should not be about who is faster, stronger, or has more cardio endurance.  But the competition should be about who can live a longer healthier life.  All these sports leads towards the destruction of the body, mind, & spirit.  It is not just in regards to combat sports, but I see that all competitive sports are not healthy for the body, mind, & spirit.  You are competing to outdo the next person, when you compete to outdo the next person; you end up pushing yourself beyond your limits, when you push yourself beyond your limits you are heading towards destruction, not towards health. 

In the short term you may “win,” but in the long term you will lose.  Mohammed Ali was a cocky ass dude when he was young but look at him now.  He might have “won” in the ring with Joe Frazier but he ended up losing later on from staying in there too long taking all that physical abuse.  Nobody really wins in war. 

You might go to war and kill the enemy before he kills you but then for the rest of your life you wake up in the middle of the night with nightmares about what you had done or you live the rest of your live in physical pain from the damage you had to sustain from the violent encounter.  You either die a quick and painless death or you die a slow and painful death.  Both situations are not promoting health and wellness. 

Notice how woman don’t compete as much as men and how they live longer.  Men underestimate them because they are not as fast and strong, but yet they are more flexible and they live longer.  So out of both genders, which gender really represents great health?  

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  1. I can't predict how i will die, i could die in the next minute but i aim 100. When i was a kid, i was aiming 200. I guess i wasn't very aware of how death is powerful, but fuck it, we never know, maybe with technology we can break world record, why not? But anyway 100 is more realistic and if i die tomorrow, so be it, i'm still very thankful for the chance i had to be alive and experience all that wonderful stuff.


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