Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Jason Scott Lee

 I have been very surprised of how controversial Shi Zu was because of marriage on the blog. Some Todais even sent blog post responses to him and even saying that he is being disrespectful to Jenny Lee.. Are you serious? Just because he is against marriage does not mean he is disrespecting Jenny. Besides being concerned about what Jenny Lee thinks is pretty useless. Why? Jenny Lee knows that she can never change Shi Zu. She knows better than to feel disrespected. For those of you who tried to call him out, what makes you want to do that? Shi Zu was not talking against you nor anybody else. We all,including me, need to understand that it is Tao of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu blog not ours. He can take us out whenever he wants to. Whatever Shi Zu thinks of marriage whether positive or negative is his business! Of course we may write feedback...(man I hope he does not take me out of the blog for that.) However, trying to convince him otherwise is a waste of your and his times. I have more to say about that subject but enough about it for now.
 I am pretty sure you have heard of Jason Scott Lee right? Well I did myself. I watched some of his movies back when I was a little kid. One of my favorite movies he played was Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. At that age, I was so into Bruce Lee. I even ended up believing that Jason Scott Lee was Bruce Lee. I do have to admit: among all the people who played Bruce Lee, Jason Scott Lee is probably the best Bruce Lee clone I have ever seen. But does that mean he is a Martial Artist? Absolutely not. I heard he is a certified instructor of Jeet Kune Do which I believe it is completely garbage. How could you claim to be a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do if Bruce Lee did not even allow you to use that label? Is that not disrespectful? Claim your own label for Goodness Sake! That's one of the main problem I have with these so called Jeet Kune Do practitioner. Despite the fact that I am criticizing him for using the Jeet Kune Do label, I have to say that I respect him more than most of these so called Jeet Kune Do practitioners.
 First, he is very athletic. Before playing in the movie Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, he was trained as a gymnasts. Therefore, he has a solid foundation to even perform these techniques. You do not see many people who are athletic in the Martial Arts. They are too lazy to even do one pushup. However, Jason Scott Lee is strong enough to even walk on his hands. Does he take steroids or anything? That I do not know. However rather than judge, we should strive towards achieving his fitness level without having to take muscle enhancing drugs or supplements.
 Second, I believe the combative techniques were very well performed. It may not be close to the level of Bruce Lee and Shi Zu but very well done. He was required to yell almost like Bruce Lee because he was playing as Bruce Lee. That's what actors do: they pretend to be somebody they are not. Thus, he would need to appear to be Bruce Lee as much as possible.
Finally, I have to respect because spiritually, he is at a way higher level than any MMA fighters! If you listen to this video you will understand what I am talking about.
Notice how delicate he had to be against MMA... I am pretty sure he completely disagrees about the MMA garbage that the public loves to eat. You give the public someone as real as Shi Zu, they reject him. Why? The public has spent so much time living in fantasy that they can never understand reality. The public really need some mind cleaning detergent. The spirit is the only one who can do such thing but people do not trust it very much. Instead they rather their ego over the spirit. That is why not many people will understand Martial Arts.
 Jason Scott Lee may not be a martial artist, but he is definitely closer to the real Martial Arts than anybody who participate in competition sports.... All I can say is listen to him in the video and give your feedback. That's all I am expecting. I do not expect to agree with me but I do expect you to learn from the video and determine whether or not there is some truth to what he is saying. Enjoy.


  1. I liked the video, the guy seems to be a cool dude.

    1. Yeah I think he is pretty cool too.

  2. Love your post! During times of struggle & conflict, you always come out strong, and in FMK we need to be strong. Fake Todai's can leave, the real Todai's can stay.

    1. Thanks. I do not know if I am as real as you can be but I am striving towards that. Only then I would consider myself a real Dragon.


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