Sunday, July 14, 2013


I you get money whoever you are, congratulations on your success. But the money itself, i don't like it very much. I don't like the fact that if you ain't get none, you're fucked and left over the curve to rot in hell. I don't like the fact that kids and entire families and countries are dying of hunger and war because they don't have a lot of money. I don't like the fact that money can turn the most beautiful and intellectual woman into a slut. I don't like the fact that money can turn a grown up man into a fucking bitch either. The day everybody even animals will be able to live to good standards, if money still exists, i might like it more. Money doesn't mean you got soul. But having money doesn't mean you ain't got none either.

I've chosen to be broke way back. My annual income is around seven thousand. And it's been seven thousand for the last ten years. I'm not a victim of this at all, it's a choice i've made and i'm happy with it. I've got enough money to eat, to live in a cool appartment (that's subjective) and buy some extra stuff for entertainment, training etc... Materially, if i was living in the year 1900 i would be rich as fuck. In 1900 people had no tv, no blu-rays, no video games, no internet, no gym, barely no nothing, they had some, but not much. If we go back in the years 1000 or further away, in the year -6000, people wasn't having shit but stick and stones. But did that meant they weren't happy? They had soul, they had families and friends and foes but they didn't need constant new material, constant new cars, constant new houses or all that other stuff. People tend to forget how much we have in terms of material, all those things is more than enough. And all those things will eventually turns into garbage one day or another. So materially i'm broke but i'm rich. It's all in the way you see things.

One day i might get rich, i might make different choices and go in directions that will bring tons of money and learn about the rich life, but for now, i'm more then happy with what i got. I got a bunch of free time that i can use, and i kinda feel free even if in the minds of certain people, my lack of money limits me, i don't see things that way. My question to you is who are you as a person. Are you a slave of that money, or are you really free? Fact is i'm not 100% free, but i know i'm free enough.


  1. Being free enough from the money is the way. Man, I do not see any materialism here at all. Do your thing man.

    1. Lol thanks, everybody around FMK, let's do our things!! loll


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