Sunday, July 7, 2013

Love is Not a Contract

Love is Not a Contract

The teachings of the Koran that allows the Muslims to have up to 4 wives makes much more sense than the traditional one man one woman marriage.  If a man is able and capable of raising more than one child, I do not see how he cannot be capable of caring for and protecting more than one woman.  The presence of other women will force all the women within the relationship to keep better order, knowing that the man can favor another wife when they start acting up will force the woman to learn to control her undesirable behavior. 

An entire culture of women that are used to sharing their husband with other wives teaches women to grow beyond jealousy.  An only child can easily grow to become spoiled, jealous, and possessive of his parents attention.  Growing up with siblings teaches you to share the attention of your parents. 

Women in the adult industry, strippers, porn “actresses”, are essentially sharing themselves with many men. They are living a lifestyle as if they have multiple husbands.  Many women have chosen this way of living.  Even women who are not in the industry that are having relationships with multiple men are already living the lifestyle as if they have multiple husbands, it is not uncommon.  The traditional one man one woman marriage is not practical for modern society. 

Marriage is essentially a contract.  I do not believe in contracts, it is either in your heart to love or not.  If it is not in your heart to love, then you should separate, if it is in your heart to love, then you can love.  Love cannot be saved for future use, love is something that happens in the moment.  Contracts are of the future, the future is not the Way.  Only the present moment is the Way.  The present moment is not bound by contract. 

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