Saturday, July 27, 2013

Love is Alive

Love is alive and living, it is not permanent and never can be, never will be.  Love is moment to moment; it is like your breath.  You cannot be guaranteed love just like you cannot be guaranteed to breathe.  Love will eventually die because nothing can last forever.  Law and marriage cannot come in and change love; love is the way that it is.  Love is beautiful the way that it is. 

My short writing was inspired by the Osho video above.


  1. That is something to think about.

  2. In my experience, though love is definitely alive, living, changing, it does not whither and die as Osho suggests. From my experience, love entails (at least thus far) a lifelong bond or spiritual entanglement. There are people who I have loved, grown in different directions from, and eventually parted ways with, but the connection is never really gone. It has changed, dramatically, but it still exists in its changed form. And every so often, seemingly impossible synergies occur and remind me that this is so

  3. Thanks for sharing. When i think about love, i like to separate it into two different categories. The first one being chemical love which is secreted by the brain and the other one in my opinion is true love which is determined by values and habits compatibility. The love secreted by the brain always or 99% of the time end up being over from what i've seen. The real love instead will be more solid. Of course two person can enjoy a nice little brain secretion and have a loving powertrip, but once that high kinda gets to a normal point, there you will see if these two peoples in question are truly compatible. If love is just a feeling, then screw it, because feelings are something that is most of the time out of our control, doesn't necessarily make sense and is not meant to last. But true love is stronger and last longer, still in my opinion of course.


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