Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Sage Will Be Misunderstood

I’m sick of waiting around for people to grow.  I wish to continue moving forward and growing to my full potential.  Every day there is a new child being born, it is an endless cycle of re-birth.  I can keep re-iterating the fundamentals until my death or I can continue moving forward expressing myself fully until less and less people will understand me, reaching the point where nobody in this world will truly understand me.  

Few people can understand Albert Einstein’s discoveries in science.  His expression is so beyond what the general population knows that he is placed in a category that only few individuals in this world can truly understand.  The same goes with the spirit and the sages who attempt to express their inner wisdom with words.  Sages are essentially placed in a position to try to label something that cannot be labeled.  It is an extremely difficult thing to do and it is inevitable, there will be many misunderstandings. 

A Sage can choose not to speak, but as soon as he speaks, it is inevitable; there will be many misunderstandings.  By speaking he takes a risk.  Is he truly helping the world if out of 1000 people, 999 of them have misunderstood his teachings?  Lao-tzu chose the route of not speaking while Osho and Buddha chose the route of speaking.  I have chosen the route of speaking.  But as I continue to speak, I will continue to be misunderstood it is inevitable. 

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