Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Conditioned to Possess

We have been conditioned since birth to possess.  We are taught to possess everything.  We have our own name, we have our own social security number, we have our own home, we have our own clothes, we have our own car, we have our own toothbrush, we have our own shoes, we have our own bike, we have our own “stuff.”

We place this same mentality onto people.  We have our own father, we have our own mother, we have our own sister, we have our own brother, we have our own girlfriend, we have our own wife. 

We have to claim things as ours.  We use contracts and the law to claim ownership over things.  When we wish to purchase a home we need to sign contracts to claim ownership over the home.  When we wish to leave this home, we then sell this home by releasing this contract and giving permission to the next person to be the new homeowner. 

We are doing the same with people.  A man wishes to own a woman, so he labels her his girlfriend, soon this girlfriend turns into a “fiancĂ©”, someone that is about to be bought out.  Then finally the marriage is signing the contract to own this person which you call your “wife” until you decide to sell this person back onto the market by having a divorce. 

If you do not decide to sell this person back onto the market then you will protect this possession just like you will protect your home from invaders, you will shoot and kill over your prized possessions, your “wife” and your home. 

Marriage is a contract by law to bind you to another human being as possessed property.  This is not love.  True love is beyond law.  True love is when a woman will be with you regardless of marriage or not, she wants to be with you out of her own freewill, not because she is being forced to be with you based on a contract. 

Contracts aka “marriage” is here because there is uncertainty, you are unsure whether or not the love will last so you try to make it last through the use of the legal code.  The misuse of this contract we call “marriage” can actually damage the relationship rather than enhance it if its limitation is not properly understood. 

It’s not that people should not be married, but rather people should have an understanding that marriage does not enhance the expression of love, love is something that exists with or without marriage that can never be bound by any legal code.  The idea that marriage represents the ultimate expression of love is false.  You will see more true love between two young couples in high school than you will in two adults that are married. 

Reason is because the love is young and fresh; it is still yet to be corrupted by politics.  Many times people will marry not out of love but for security, family pressures, money, children, and a thousand other reasons other than love.  But in high school, two people who wish to be together are usually together because they truly wish to be together, not because they are forced to be together.  And this love is alive and fresh because both individuals know that that relationship can end at any time, they are not bounded together by law, but rather they are together out of their own freewill.  

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