Monday, July 22, 2013

Exercise to Live Longer Not Die Early! EXPLICIT

I see the whole point of exercising is to extend your life and live longer.  Not to die an early death.  But you see a lot of bodybuilders who purposely dehydrate themselves in order to appear more ripped.  This results in massive headaches and can cause an early death.  Hugh Jackman stated that he dehydrated himself for 30 hours for “The Wolverine” in order to look as ripped as possible, he also stated that he had massive headaches as a result.  I am very certain that Bruce had done the same for the making of “Enter the Dragon” and that is the reason why he ended up dying early. 

You are supposed to exercise for health and to extend your life but then you purposely dehydrate yourself and end up dying early, that is some stupid ass shit.  But in the same token some of these actors are getting paid millions to put their health at risk, and for them they are risking their health and wellness for money and fame.  This is not something a sage would do.  I don’t agree with any of this nonsense.  Because so many people are doing it, the public now has a corrupted vision of what true health really is.  They think these dehydrated skeleton corpses are representing supreme health when in actuality they are representing the opposite. 

For this I do not agree with Bruce Lee at all.  He was a walking dehydrated skeleton in “Enter the Dragon”.  Standing 5’7.5” weighing only 125 lbs!  My wife Jenny weighs more than him!  How the hell can a person that only weighs 125 lbs be the ultimate Martial Artist!  It’s a fucking joke.  He was not healthy and fit, that is why he had an early death.  We was like the dehydrated bodybuilders, it was all for show. 

Because of him he had inspired masses of people to be skinny and dehydrated just like him, that is not the way of health.  Not just him but Hollywood and all these fake ass magazines promote the same shit, they promote everybody to be skinny and dehydrated, it’s a fucking joke.    

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