Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Racist Mind

Racism will always be here as long as the ego is in existence.  Racism can only disappear when the ego disappears.  Racism can only be healed and cured through meditation; there is no other way.  The law cannot cure racism.  Punishment cannot cure racism.  The law and punishment will only hide racism.  When racism is hidden, it only becomes stronger.  You cannot see a racist by skin color, you see a racist by looking into his eyes. 

A prideful, competitive, arrogant person is bound to be racist.  It is a destructive mentality, the mentality that you are better than the next person, the mentality that you are born to be an elite.  Because racism is a taboo and unaccepted by law only because of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., now the racist mentality picks another trait to latch onto in order to feel superior. 

The skinny people feel they are superior over the fat people.  The “beautiful” feel they are superior over the “ugly.”  Those who live in Chicago feel they are superior over those what live in Indiana.  Those who are physically gifted feel they are superior over those who are physically incapable.  Those who have degrees feel they are superior over those who do not have degrees.  Those who have money feel they are superior over those who do not have money.  Those who dress extravagant feel they are superior over those who dress casual. 

The racist mind is the bullying mind.  It is a superiority complex.  The racist mind is the ego.  The racist mind has been taught to you since birth.  You cannot get away from it because the society is grounded upon this racist mind that is everywhere.  Racism is promoted in the schools, at home, in the media, and in the government.  You can only free yourself from this racist mind in solitude, in meditation.  Those who claim they are not racist are basically claiming they are awakened.  If the person is not living an awakened lifestyle, then it is clear he is not liberated from the racist mentality 

The possessive, controlling, jealous, envious, competitive, prideful, arrogant individual is bound to be racist; it all comes together as one.  Everything must be dropped in order for racism to disappear.  Competition is racism.  You cannot be completely free from racism while retaining the competitive drive.  You must liberate yourself from competition in order to fully liberate yourself from the racist mentality.  This can only happen through meditation. 

Because law does not accept racism, you will not find anyone that will identify themselves as racists.  But all those who admit themselves to be competitive are identifying themselves as racists.  Even if they do not identify themselves, if you pay close attention, you can identify the racist yourself.  The racist will always be competitive, arrogant, prideful, jealous, possessive, and controlling.  The nonracist will be meditative, humble, giving, and detached. 

Do not feel bad if you are currently racist.  We are all conditioned to be racist since birth; it may take a lifetime before you will be able to completely cure yourself from racism.  Even when you believe you are completely cured, it seems to creep back into you.  That is because the society continues to reinforce and promote racism to be something healthy and beneficial for society, but the truth is the opposite. 

Racism leads towards destruction, violence, and death.  Racism is not something beautiful it is something ugly.  The key to change is first realizing that it is ugly, once you realize it is ugly, then you will start placing efforts in changing this destructive mentality.  

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  1. I like the way you link racism and superioty complex, it's right on point. You know i used to be in a relationship with this beautiful girl, matter of fact, it's been my last love relationship ever since. And she was of Haitian origin. One day i brought her on my mother's family side. One of my aunt came to her and told her that she liked black people. Me and my girlfriend automaticaly knew that she was racist. It's not as if my aunt had to make a police report and that they we're asking the color of her skin. She just connected the color of her skin with a certain kind of personalities and wanted to do good and say that she liked that kind of personality. But what kind of personality?? The one who's portrait in videos? The one she saw on tv? Listening to music or else? As soon as one connects a feature with somebody, it limits the person to act outside those bounds. It's as if the person with those features had to act accordingly to those and that's bullshit. A human is simply a human but really we're just animals like the others, and we're just life like the animals and the insects and all other species whatever what kinds or what sorts or whatever. We're just life. One thing that makes sense to me when separating two people is their actions or their values. But at the same time, people can change so their values. A man can have a value one day and realize that it's a bunch of crap and change it. So we can hardly categorize ourselves, it really is a superiority complex. Just so somebody can come out and say; i totally figured out that person and that's pretty much impossible. Almost impossible i would say because, some people are so stubborn that they can stay the same old dumbasses for 20 years. But even then, they might change in their fifty's or seventies who knows. Basically i agree lol.


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