Friday, July 26, 2013

Marriage is Slavery

Women that truly wish to be independent would not become married.  Women that become married are no longer free; they become man’s property.  They become a possession by law.  No different than a man owning a home or a vehicle.  He is now enabled to use the woman how he so chooses.  It is up to him to protect his woman, who is now his possession.  She must obey his commands.  She must dress the way he wants her to dress and interact with the public how he wishes for her to interact. 

She must work if he wishes for her to work or stay home if he so chooses.  She must bare children if it is to his desire.  She must cook, she must clean, she must become his sex slave.  And this is not just any contact, this contract is meant to last till death!  For some women this can be prison, for some women this can be heaven.  Some women love to be controlled and possessed, some women would not.  A truly independent woman would not allow this but most women are not truly independent, they are very dependent and they enjoy this dependency.  It’s much easier for a woman to depend on a man for protection than to protect herself.   

It is always the man that is asking the woman for her hand in marriage, it is never the woman asking the man.  That is a clear indication that the woman is the one being possessed, not the man.  If a woman truly wishes to be more powerful than a man, then it would be the woman asking for the man to be married, then she can claim ownership over the man.  Instead of buying the man a $50,000 wedding ring, she can buy him a $50,000 car, instead of the man paying for every meal; she can pay for every meal.  Instead of the man purchasing the home and providing the shelter, she can provide.  Instead of the man training hard in Martial Arts and owning a firearm to protect the woman, the woman can train and own a firearm to protect the man. 

Instead of the woman being the sex slave for the man, the man becomes her sex slave.  Instead of the woman being forced to cook and clean, she can force the man to cook and clean.  Instead of the man paying for the honeymoon, the woman can pay for the honeymoon.  The woman would take care of all the financial responsibilities while the man becomes her slave.  The roles can be switched; the women can play the dominant role, while the men play the submissive role.  If the woman truly wished to show her power over the man, she can do this, but none are willing to because it is much easier to become a man’s slave than to become a truly independent woman. 

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  1. Yeah you are right. Maybe that is why a lot of women are not motivated to become true martial artists. A true Martial Artist is independent. Since most women love to be dependent, they can never be Martial Artists.


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