Saturday, July 13, 2013


I don’t believe in holidays, ever since my awakening, I saw the stupidity in it all.  I also began to realize that as soon as you start to over value one day over another, that automatically makes every non-holiday mediocre.  With 365 days of the year, there may only be 20 holidays to celebrate, I rather decided to celebrate all 365 days opposed to just 20 or at the very least celebrate 345 days and not celebrate for the 20 days.  I see it as a better trade off. 

The society trains you to celebrate the few holidays over the whole.  They train you to be happy and giving only during Christmas but to be greedy and selfish for the rest of the days in the year.  I would rather train myself to be happy and giving 365 days a year, not just during Christmas, but if I can’t do that then I would rather train myself to be happy and giving all year and to be selfish and greedy only during Christmas. 

The society trains you to celebrate the date of your birth, which happens only once per year.  I train myself to celebrate every day of my life and ultimately every breath of my life, because every breath is a new birth to me.  Due to the nature of work and family obligations, it will be difficult to continuously celebrate but I decided to celebrate based on my discretion not based on the discretion of government or the people around me. 

Now it does not mean that I rebel against holidays and do not celebrate them at all, if I so choose, I will celebrate them but with an awareness, an awareness that I should not limit by celebrations based on the mediocre standards of society and culture.  If the society teaches us to only celebrate 20 days of the year, we should aim to celebrate at the very least 20 times per year or more, not less.  If you find yourself being depressed 365 days in a year, that is not good, you should celebrate as often as you can. 

And what I mean by celebration does not mean that you should be spending boatloads of money of which you do not have.  Celebration to me is an awareness to appreciate this life that you have.  Celebration to me is meditation.  Celebration to me happens every single day of my life.  And eventually, I aim to have this celebration occur every single moment of my life. 


  1. Wow. We are definitely the same Shi Zu. We may look different. We may be in a different state and a different family...but we both see things the same way. I couldn't agree more with what you said.

  2. The issue that I have with our current holidays is that they are all human-centric, rather than focused on events in nature. You can see beneath some of the new faces put on older holidays that this was not always the case. Christmas was obviously once a solstice celebration, Easter was once about the end of the winter starvation with the return of waterfowl and their eggs. But most holidays now are very new, and comprise nothing more than self-aggrandizement. Birthdays, Mother's and Father's Days, Presidents Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, Blah, Blah, Blah... They're also timed according to the Gregorian calendar, which is a mere representation of the real time that occurs through movements of the Sun and Moon. These holidays teach us to be disconnected from nature, and self-centered


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