Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Marriage is Outdated

Age-old traditions are outdated for modern society.  Marriage is one of those age-old traditions that is not practical & efficient for modern society.  Modern science has created contraceptives to minimize the potential of transmitting STD’s and to minimize unwanted pregnancies.  Women at this point in time are the most sexually active than they ever used to be.  Very few women in modern society will still be virgins until the age of 18.  It is very common for women to have had various sex partners by the time they have graduated college.  They have already given away the “ultimate gift” on many occasions to various people.  Because of this, their “ultimate gift” is no longer sacred. 

Few women would be able to last even 3 months without giving away the “ultimate gift” to the man they are dating.  Because they have given away the “ultimate gift” with such ease, they no longer have anything else to give.  The man already has what he wants, why in the hell would he decide to get married? Men have no incentive to get married in modern times.  They receive the “ultimate gift” when they want and many of these women even move in with the man and give away this “ultimate gift” every day and night. 

These women are enjoying the act of sex just as much as the men.  It is an equal and fair exchange.  Neither the man nor the women needs to request for marriage.  According to tradition, marriage is supposed to take place before the “ultimate gift” is given away.  Couples are supposed to move in after marriage, and then the child is supposed to be born.  The child is the highest expression of love, the next highest expression is the “ultimate gift”, the value of marriage is nothing compared to the “ultimate gift” and the birth of a child.  According to tradition the level of progression is: marriage, move-in, “ultimate gift”, child. 

In modern society the men have skipped through the marriage and have gotten the “ultimate gift.” They have no incentive to go backwards and all of a sudden value marriage for no apparent reason.  It’s like receiving your college degree before going through 4 years of college study.  Why go through 4 years of study when you already have what you wanted from the beginning? 

Now women do not need men to take care of them, they want to take care of themselves.  They want to get their own education and their own jobs to pay their own way, they want to be the bread winner like men.  But even though they have their own money, gold digging women still want the man to pamper them, which is completely outrageous.  Making their own money is not good enough for them; they want the man’s money too.  They expect men to pay for all the meals, they expect the man to pay for all the household bills, they want the man to pay for the wedding ring, they want the man to pay for the wedding, and they want  the man to pay for the car. 

And on top of that, many women in modern society don’t even want to cook and clean!  They are essentially trying to compete for the role of man but yet reap all the benefits of the supportive role of the traditional woman.  This has created a huge power struggle between men and women.  That is why you see many men who just use the women for sex and the women who just use the men for money.  There is no love present; there is only ego, pride, and competition. 

Why the heck would a successful man want to marry a woman and potentially risk losing half his assets to a woman after a bitter divorce?  Who would want to be in the shoes of Tiger Woods shelling away millions of dollars to his ex-wife because of a bitter divorce?  Men are much better off not getting married and keeping their wealth.  If sex is all they care about, then they can be with a beautiful woman as long as she is able to maintain this beauty and when the beauty is gone, they can move on with the next woman, there is no need to get married. 

It’s not like these women are not giving away the “ultimate gift” before marriage.  These women have lost their leverage in the marriage game, they have already given away the “ultimate gift” on many occasions and some even give it up while drunk in a one-night stand!  We are practicing a tradition that is long outdated.  Women have progressed very much through this time, they no longer need the man to take care of them, they can take care of themselves. 

The man no longer needs to be the provider.  Both sexes have become very sexually expressive.  Both sexes have become self-sufficient.  No gender wishes to play the submissive role.  The women feel inferior in that role and they do not want it; the men have too much pride to take the role themselves.  And even if they wanted the role, it would not be allowed. 

What woman would be willing to financially support the man in which to allow him to be a “househusband.”  It is hardly imaginable especially if the woman is very attractive herself.  Nobody wants to stay home to fulfill the household responsibilities, nobody wants to be the main caretaker for the children, the duties are passed onto the hired nanny.  There is no balance, the women are busy fighting to overtake the man’s role, that is why it is difficult for there to be real love. 

Men have no incentive to marry the woman; it will not enhance the relationship unless the woman uses leverage.  If the man wishes to have a child the woman can request the man to marry her before the child is born.  If the man wishes to be sexually intimate, the woman can request the man to marry her before they become intimate.  If the man wishes for the woman to live with him, the woman can request for the man to marry her before they move in together.  If the man wishes for the woman to be sexually exclusive to him, the woman can request for the man to marry her before she fulfills this request. 

There are instances where the men play the women as fools, just like how the women play the men as fools.  Of course there are a lot of gold digging women out there that use men for money but there are also the gold digging men out there that use women for their money.  If a woman is unattractive herself, she may be able to secure an attractive man if she has money.  Now the roles switch.  The woman pays for all the meals, the woman provides the shelter, and the woman goes to work while the man stays home.  In this situation, the gold digging man may request to marry this woman in order to secure his position of financial benefit.  This is clearly not as common but the situation does exist.

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