Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I am using FaceBook & the FMK Blog as my journal.  It is my place to share my life experiences, it is my place to vent if I need to vent.  It is my therapy.  2pac used to say that rather than paying a psychologist a few hundred dollars an hour, he would just go to the studio, it’s cheaper.  Making music and rapping was his way of artistic creativity.  My writings and videos are a part of my Art. 

If you don’t like my Art, get the fuck out, if you like it, then stay and enjoy the show.  Not everybody loves 2pac’s art, but I love his art.  I feel a special connection with him, I feel his realness, but there are a lot of people out there that hate him, they can’t stand the swearing & aggression, they only like “positive” music.  For me, I like positive and negative music; I see the beauty in both. 

The way I teach will not appeal to everyone, it will only appeal to those who have a special connection with me.  In this world, no matter what, there will always be people that love you and there will always be people that hate you, I fully accept this, this is the Way of life. 

Very few people will have the balls to represent FMK, just like few people will have the balls to go to war.  When wartime comes, their panties get all soaked, they don’t have the strength to survive, they need to stay at home, I don’t need nor want these individuals to represent FMK.  Very few people can represent FMK.  They need to be developed at a very high level Body, Mind, & Spirit.  


  1. Lol. You are right. Being in FMK is like going to war. Not a lot of people would do that. To go to war, strength in body and mind is important; otherwise, there will be no hope surviving.

  2. 2Pac is one of my favorite rap artist, top three easy. He was intelligent, deep, sincere and real. Few rap artist will reach people in a deep level like that. His work is simply oustanding, even years and years after his death, he's still relevant. He was gifted, and he used his talents the only way he could, by being true to himself.

    As for FMK, time will tell who's really at it's core, meaning students and associates. It's like training, people start working out for some x reason and then for a thousand excuses they stop, but well, maybe they be suckin' on that blue pill, who knows, lol.


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