Monday, July 22, 2013

We Are All Unique

I am reminded by Osho and through my experiences being a Shi zu of this kwoon that I cannot organize a movement.  All organized movements are bound to fail.  All I can do is express myself and be myself, by doing so I may inspire others to do the same.  We are essentially gathering together to share positive energy with one another.  There cannot be a Martial Art style established, there cannot be a specific Way established.  We are primarily meant to express ourselves and be ourselves.  I cannot allow for others to hold back my expression and I shall not step in the way of others expression.  We come together because we sense a common connection.  This common connection allows us to work together towards a common goal.     

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  1. You are right. We are meant to be ourselves no what family, race, gender we are from. Criterias cannot define a human being. That is the problem I always have with family: parents always try to push their standards on their kids to feel better about themselves. They fail to realize their kids will always be themselves.


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