Friday, July 12, 2013

The Modern Woman

The modern woman is very Yang.  She is very active, assertive, and even aggressive at times.  She is just as educated than the man.  She aims to educate herself and work for her own money.  She aims to make her own money to pay for her own things.  She aims to purchase her own car, she aims to live in her own apartment, she aims to provide for herself in regards to food, water, and shelter. 

She is very sexually active and sexually expressive.  She is very independent.  Essentially she does not need a provider, she provides for herself.  Now there are sex toys available and she even uses these sex toys to satisfy herself.  She literally has no need to be with a man, she is satisfied with herself. 

The modern woman has competed for and has obtained the male role for society.  Now there is an imbalance.  There is too much Yang energy.  There are the men and there are the women who are trying to be men.  There are very few traditional women out there nowadays.  There are very few real women out there, very few women that truly embrace the Yin energy that they have been born with.  They have turned against the Yin energy and have favored the Yang.

Few women live to satisfy their men.  Few women have the inner desire to stay home and take care of the household responsibilities.  Few women have the desire to not pursue a career but to rather cook and clean for her man and children.  Few women wish to sacrifice their careers to care for the children.  Women are competing to dominate the world like the man.  Women want to be the leader of the company, women want to enter into politics, and women want to have equal treatment.  Women have developed a very strong ego like man. 

Because there is such an imbalance, this reinforces the idea that marriage is impractical for modern society.  Women do not want the submissive/supportive role.  Women essentially wish to “wear the pants” in the relationship.  They want to be in full control but yet they expect to reap the benefits of the submissive role just because they are “women.”  Women don’t want to cook and clean, women do not want to sacrifice their careers to take care of the children, women do not want to treat their men like kings, but yet they expect for the men to marry them as if they are fulfilling these desires of men. 

This clearly is not right and completely wrong.  It is like someone who is working fulltime and receiving great income and benefits but yet is still requesting to receive unemployment compensation.  This is bullshit, you are already making good income, you don’t need unemployment compensation!  But they are greedy.  Women want to make $80,000/year but yet they still want the man to pay for the household bills, to pay for the car, to pay for the wedding, to pay for the honeymoon, to pay for the wedding ring, to buy them nice gifts, and to treat them like princesses. 

It is bullshit, it is an imbalance, the man is pretty much dating a woman with the mind of a man.  A competitive and prideful woman who does not want to feel inferior to the man, a real woman is very difficult to find.  Many times the modern woman needs to be trained by the man to appreciate and accept the supportive/submissive role of the relationship in order to achieve balance and harmony within the relationship.  If there is nobody that wishes to accept the supportive/submissive role, the relationship will eventually crumble. 

Women must realize that the follower is just as important as the leader.  If everybody wants to be the leader, then where are the followers?  Just like in the government there cannot be two presidents.  There is the president, the vice president, and all the supporters.  Women in modern society need to be re-trained to become real women once again; otherwise there will continuously be conflict between men and women.  Realize that when driving a car, there can only be one driver, there cannot be two.  Women need to accept that the man is the driver and that she is the passenger.  They need to realize that being a passenger can be just as delightful if not more delightful than being the actual driver.  She needs to learn to appreciate her position in life. 

Realize that according to nature, the man is the one who is supposed to hunt while the women stay home to care for the children and cook.   It is only because of modern technology that women receive the opportunity to enter the workforce to “hunt.”  Instead of chasing down animals they can just sit on a chair in a cubicle and crunch numbers, which allows them to be “hunters” and “bring in the bacon.” 

But if they truly wish to be hunters, then they should at the very least accept the man in playing the supportive/submissive role that they have decided to let go.  If the woman wants to drive, then fine, drive, but the man deserves to sit in the passenger seat, it is not right for the woman to kick the man out of the car and force him to drive his own car, to make his own money.  If men are willing to support women then women should be willing to support the men.  If women want to be the head of the household, then they should buy the man wedding gifts, they should pay for the wedding, they should pay for the honeymoon, they should pay for all the household bills, they should pay for all the meals, etc. 

If is not fair that men are expected to support a woman that is already supporting herself!  If she is supporting herself and the man is supporting himself, there is no need for marriage.  Each partner is self-sufficient and neither is dependent upon one another financially.  Each partner can pay their own bills and meet with one another in a completely fair exchange.  The vagina is not worth more than the penis and the penis is not worth more than the vagina, they are completely equal in value. 

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