Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wedding Ring

I’m going to share my views on the wedding ring, this will offend many; so if you are afraid, don’t read!  I see that it is bullshit.  Nothing material can ever represent the love you have towards another.  I understand those who are rich that have money to throw around, they can wear fancy jewelry to feel good about themselves.  But most of us are not wealthy and I see that it is unwise to spend thousands on a piece of jewelry when that money can be used towards something more practical. 

The greatest symbol of the showing of love that you can give to another is your affection towards that individual; this affection then can lead towards the creation of a child.  The creation of a child is the absolute greatest symbol of love that no material possession can ever match.  Rather than spending $50,000 on a wedding ring, I see that money can be put to greater use to care for the child that you create together.  That is more practical and functional.  It is giving, not selfish.  Rather than being greedy and keeping $50,000 all for yourself, you can share that money with your child & partner. 

A woman that truly loves you will not accept a wedding ring of high value.  She understands that there is no symbol that can represent her true love for you.  Her love goes beyond any wedding ring; her love is in her heart, which goes with her everywhere.  She cannot leave her heart on the sink or accidently flush it down the toilet.  She is not selfish, rather than allowing you to spoil her, she wants you to share that money with the child and the entire family.  Rather than spending $50,000 on a ring, she would rather have you spend that money on purchasing a home to share together or to enjoy outings together. 

Only for the truly wealthy can I see it to be understandable that such a high value wedding ring to be purchased.  Everything in life is already paid for in full and you just have nothing else to spend money on so you over dramatize the smallest things and turn it into something big when in actuality it is something small.  You essentially want to “show off” your “love” to the public and prove to others how much you “love” your partner. 

You “love” your partner so much that you are willing to spend $50,000 on her wedding ring.  To me that is actually having an opposite reaction.  What it shows to me is that you are extremely desperate for love, so desperate that you have to pay for it, not only pay for a meal, but pay $50,000!  True love comes for free; fake love always has a monetary value attached to it. 

It also makes the woman look very selfish.  She is actually willing to accept a $50,000 wedding ring; this just shows how much of a gold digger she really is.  It is not a good indication of real love.  A woman that truly loves you will not accept a wedding ring of high value, actually before you even purchase the ring, she will advise you clearly not to purchase one.  She is wise enough to know that the money spent on the ring can be put to much greater practical use.  The men paying for high value rings are essentially paying for false love. 


  1. The engagement ring cost the man his 3 months salary. This symbolizes the status that the man can provide.

    I will agree that spending $50,000 for a ring is outrageous, and she must have some balls to wear something of high value. Unless you're celebrity/wealth that can afford it, I see why that's nothing. (I mean really, $50,000 in 3 months?)

    I for one would not be comfortable wearing something of high value everday. I have alot of gold jewelry given to me, and I don't even like wearing it because that's not me. To flaunt money like that, let alone are you just asking to get jumped or cause envy? I see alot of this concept within women with designer purses, and what's in their wallets/pockets don't match up to it's value. Why flaunt what you don't have?

    1. Opps I'm slow. You meant wedding rings, not engagement. lol Either way, you know what I mean! $50,000 is still crazy!

    2. Yeah it is crazy. Crazy as my talk about the ripples? Lol. Good job on the training. You are doing great.

    3. Thanks! I actually sprained my ankle over the weekend thanks to TKD kicks, but will be back in no time!

      How's the summer job hunting already? Summer's almost over! Haha

    4. I did not find a job because I am at a research program at my college in engineering so I am pretty booked. Have you trained people yet?

    5. Engineering? Nice, before you know it you'll be ballin' right?

      & no, I have not. I mean I have definetly promoted it out there whether word of mouth or via fb events. I get those people that speak of interest, but never come through. What can I do? I'm not going to push someone to come see me. It's alright though, in time I'm sure it'll happen. Its only been a couple months, plus, my schedule is not as flexible working full-time.

  2. 50 000!!! That's about 7 years of welfare up here in Montreal. That's a lot of welfare money for a wedding ring! Jokes aside, i agree with your views on marriage and all in general. Keep up the good work!

  3. 1. It used to be two months' salary for the engagement ring, not three.
    2. The notion of how much one should pay for an engagement ring was invented by--wait for it--someone in the diamond/jewelry biz.
    3. "Honeymoon" refers to the month where the new husband got to drink as much honey mead (akohol) as he could on the bride's dad's bill.

    Marriage is about love in the movies more than in reality, but more people have hope than they have money.

    1. i knew I should of looked it up before I said something!

      I admit, movies make love to be such a fairy tale for women. lol I don't care though, a girl can still dream. :P


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