Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Afraid of Truth - Men are Born With Testicles


We don’t want to hear the truth, we are afraid of the truth.  We hide from the truth because we know the truth hurts.  Many times we are not ready to hear the truth, we still want to live our lives believing in lies.  We live in a world filled with so many lies that we don’t even know what is truth any more.  Those who speak truth are outcaste.  Great sages are sought out to be eliminated and many are forced to go into hiding. This is how it has always been and this is how it is always going to be. 


Of course sex is not that important to women, they are born without testicles!  For a woman, it is much easier to be celibate than for a man.  Men are naturally born to be sexually expressive; women are born to be less sexual than men.  You can even see it in the animals.  A cat that has testicles is wild and full of energy, running, clawing, jumping, and waiting for the next cat to pounce on.  But once you neuter that cat, he loses his life, he no longer runs and jumps, he is no longer interested in sex, he gets fat, lazy, and obese.  By cutting off his testicles, you have destroyed his life energy. 

Sex energy is the driving force for humanity.  Take that energy away and you have taken away his life.  Women expect for the men to be in great sexual control like themselves, well they don’t know how hard it is because they are born with no testicles!  They will never understand, just as men will never understand how it is like to give birth.  A woman to expect a man to be in complete sexual control with ease is as unreasonable as a man expecting a woman to bench press 225 lbs with ease.  Shit is not easy; it takes a lot of fucking work! 

Don’t expect a man to not look at porn, don’t expect a man not to have wandering eyes every so often, don’t expect a man to not flirt every so often.  It’s a constant struggle for the man and women need to understand this.  Rather than blaming the man, they should blame the women for competing with one another & dressing the way that they do. 

If all women decided not to participate in porn, then there would be no porn for men to watch.  If all women decided to cover themselves up like how some of these Muslim women cover themselves, there would be no wandering eyes from your man.  But you feel that the culture cannot be changed but your man can be changed.  But you are expecting the man to go against his own nature; this is not easy for the man. 

All I’m saying is give him a little slack!  Expecting your man to be as non sexual like the Dali Lama in public is like a man expecting a woman to be able to perform 20 pull ups with ease.  Shit is not easy for a woman, maybe for a man but not for a woman, have some understanding. 

Training a man to be highly sexual at home and then expecting him to completely cut that sex energy off when he is in public is not an easy accomplishment.  It’s just like expecting a man to perform the full middle splits, it not as easy for the man as it is for the woman.  Give him some time and have some understanding if he happens to mess up every so often, don’t hang him by the throat just because he is not as sexually controlled as yourself. 

Imagine if your man gave you shit every day for not being as strong as himself and then threatened to dump you because of it, its not right, there needs to be patience and understanding when you expect for others to meet up with your standards and expectations. 


  1. I think you are right. Finding a man in complete control of his sexual energy is not easy at all. I wander my eyes around a lot just to look at the ladies. Do not blame me. That's how I am. Lol. However, I am willing to draw the line somewhere. I would never use a woman's love for me as a way to have sex with her no matter how attractive she is. It is just not right. I do not know why most guys would do so but I am not doing so. Maybe the best time to have sex is when me and the woman are truly connecting.

  2. It ain't right to chop cats and dogs testicles. It's cruel, they didn't do anything wrong. They just happen to be there chillin' givin' you love and all that and we be like, thanks for all that kitty love now it's time to chop off your testicles.

    Concerning woman and their beauty, it's hard not to look at them and find them beautiful. It's like passing right in front of a skyscrapper and be like what skyscrapper!? I took a walk in the park today and their was a lot of beautiful woman running and biking, damn they were hot! I especialy like fit womans with intellect, they be killing me. I've been celibate for a long time now, next woman i get in love with will need a helmet for our first adventure!


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