Monday, July 22, 2013

You're Super Ripped...So What?

At the beginning of this month a Martial Arts Instructor that I have met had passed away.  He was in his 30’s, he seemed to be in good health.  His body was ripped.  He had 6 pack abs, he seemed to be in good shape.  He had a lot of technique training in the Martial Arts & was skilled. 

Bruce Lee was super ripped as well and of course had a lot of talent and ability in Martial Art techniques.  But even with all these skills and abilities.  Even with a very fit body, how is this helping the world? 

The physical can only take you so far, it may catch people’s attention, but as soon as you catch their attention, now what?  Do you have anything important to say?  If not, then what’s the point? 

I see that wisdom is extremely important.  More important than people realize.  A person that is highly athletic and fit but with no wisdom is of no real benefit for the society.  It makes no difference if another human has a six pack or a beer belly, death will come, and clearly, just because you have a six pack does not mean you will live longer.  Your spirit lives on through the wisdom you have to share, whether or not you are super fit and athletic really makes no difference when death can come at anytime. 

I always remember to make time for my spiritual growth.  It’s not just about training hard at the gym for 8 hours a day and nothing more.  I need to train my body hard but I also need to make time to read, write, create, teach, and spend time with loved ones. 

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  1. I'm in very good shape, and i got a little belly. If i try to be ripped too much, i loose strength, power, energy and it doesn't feel confortable. If i want to have a good amount of energy, i have to eat a lot of good food. And as a results, a little bit of fat will be there, not much, but some. And of course like everybody else i got abs, only people tend to think that if they can't see them, you don't have any & that's kinda funny. I don't really like the way they portray the spartan warriors in the movie 300, like as if the warriors back then we're all at 8% bodyfat or less and didn't have any hair on their chest. And if you watch a competition of strong man, the stronguest have some fat and bellys. Some people are naturally ripped though, but it ain't my case and i don't care, i'm happy with my temple.


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