Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Martial Artists train to survive Real Violence

Another homicide in Chicago right at where the kwoon is located in broad daylight!  A 22 year old was shot point blank in the head and then 3 shots point blank to the chest during broad daylight at the park.  There are no suspects because if you snitch, you will be the next one to go.  I heard it was gang related. 

This is the result of what happens when the ego goes too far.  The next step above MMA is street violence and it’s not a pretty sight.  This is not something we should be proud about, this is not something we should be promoting to our children to be a part of, this is not something that we should be promoting to adults to be a part of. 

Real violence is ugly, it is gruesome, it is depressing, it is sad, it is something we have to try our best to avoid.  I disapprove of MMA just as I disapprove of gang violence.  I disapprove of all violence that is not expressed in creative ways.  2pac and Bruce Lee expressed violence in creative ways; they served to be my inspiration.  But real violence is something I do not promote. 

This is what Martial Artists have to train to survive, real violence.  Surviving real violence many times entails having complete and absolute control over your ego; you cannot let your ego have the best of you.  People simply wish to feel powerful; if you acknowledge their power many times they will leave you alone.  Many times violence is a result of you trying to prove you have more power. 

A true Martial Artist does not need to prove his power, his power is already self-evident.  Even if a true Martial Artist says he is not powerful, you know deep within that he is powerful because he possesses true power.  When you are powerful but you do not seek to prove your power, you become humble, when you are humble, you attract less violence.  When you attract less violence, you will extend your life.  When you extend your life, you are enabled to help society to a greater extent. 
Rogers Park Homicide is Neighborhood's Second in Nine Days

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