Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Take Time to Smile

When I make these outrageous posts that get you all wowed up, please take some time and look at my profile picture and remember to smile, there’s no need to get so upset and take it so personal, just let these words help you analyze your inner being, let it help you understand the society around you, try to deeply contemplate on why you are getting so angry, fearful, or insecure.  This is the time for your spiritual growth, something you have ignored for your entire life. 


  1. :-) awwww Keo! Tell him I miss him, and give him a big hug & kiss! (along with all of them too ofcourse)

    I don't take your post personal, because I'm confident in my views & I know you have yours too. I believe people think we need to conform under your views because you're my "Sifu", whether we agree/ disagree that's ok. Like I said, I'm more aware of what I chose to read/ view from you because within your crazy controversy, oddly enough I understand where you come from that other people don't get.

  2. You are right though. All you are doing is helping us know ourselves. You are telling anybody else how to live their lives. You are not that kind of Sifu. You want us to find our own answers. You are maybe against the marriage concept but you are not telling anybody to get a divorce. You are telling anybody to be promiscuous! You have all the right to state your viewpoints whether I agree or not. It is the Tao of Freddie's Modern Kung Fu blog after all, is it not?

  3. Sorry I meant not telling anybody to be promiscuous.


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